Apple Valley Catholic Collaborative

Apple Valley Catholic Collaborative

St. Elizabeth of Hungary (Acton/Boxboro)
together with
St. Isidore (Stow)
make up the
Apple Valley Catholic Collaborative

Growing In Faith Together (G.I.F.T.)

Responding to the Gospel and Pope Francis’ call for a New Evangelization, St. Elizabeth of Hungary and St. Isidore parishes use a liturgy-centered, lifelong, and intergenerational approach to Catholic faith formation.  Our Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) program is designed to help everyone become a better disciple of Jesus by integrating faith, worship, and life in light of the Gospel.  All are welcome--children, teens, parents, young adults, single adults, grandparents, empty nesters, and retirees.

GIFT utilizes a variety of learning experiences that include large and small groups, intergenerational gatherings, and age specific breakouts.  We are Scripture-based and use a variety of instructional methods to break open the Word including witness and testimony, discussions, media presentations, prayer, Bible study, drama, music, art, and sometimes, even games.

Here is what parishioners had to say about this year’s program!

Our GIFT intergenerational sessions begin with a shared meal. Then we usually have some kind of opening activity that introduces the Scripture reading we will work with throughout the session. For the 2nd half of the session, we often go to breakout sessions where we continue to discuss the faith focus at an age appropriate level.

How are the breakouts structured?

What’s new this year?

You may notice we are not offering a Wednesday evening session this year.  Due to the new Mass schedule, it is now possible to offer a GIFT session after the Saturday 5 PM Mass, the Sunday 10:30 AM Mass, and the Sunday 5 PM Mass. Attending GIFT right after Mass is the best possible formation experience for participants to connect faith, learning, and worship. We are excited to now be able to offer a deeper, more complete experience for everyone!

This year, we will offer a split breakout for K-1, and 2-4 at both the Saturday evening and Sunday noon sessions. It is recommended that all families who have children in the K-4 age range select one of those 2 options. 

The new time for the Sunday evening session is too late for most children in K-4.  In our experience, this is also a time when many middle school and high school students are best able to attend, having completed homework over the weekend. Therefore, although children in K-4 are very welcome to come for dinner and the opening activity on Sunday evenings, we will no longer be offering a K-4 breakout at that session.

How can you find out more about GIFT?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact or visit us!  We’d love to meet you and talk about ways GIFT can work best for your household!

Carmen Giombetti               

978-263-4305 x17


Grade K-4 Families


First Reconciliation

First Penance

Barbara Dane

978-263-4305, ext. 16


Coordinator GIFT

Middle School Grades 5-8

Jim Flanagan

978-263-4305, ext. 23


9-12 Formation


High School Youth Ministry

Diahne Goodwin

978-263-4305, ext. 13


Pastoral Ministries Manager

Pastoral Associate

Adult Faith Formation

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Check out these videos where you can see what GIFT looks like!

Intergenerational Faith Formation


Growing in Faith Together:  The Jubilee Year of Mercy


How do we know intergenerational formation is

good for our kids?


Growing in Faith Together
Everybody in the parish is invited to come!
Adults, Teens, and Kids!
Don’t miss out!!!

First Penance
First Communion
I’m ready!  How do I register???

This year, we are offering online registration and credit card payments. This is the easiest way to register.  Simply go to the registration form here or one of our websites:  www.seoh.org (St. Elizabeth) or www.stisidorestow.org (St. Isidore).  There you can register and pay for GIFT, First Reconciliation and First Eucharist, and Confirmation. You will also be asked to complete a volunteer form to help out at least once during the year in the kitchen, classroom, or office.  If you are unable to register online or have unique questions or concerns, please make an appointment to see Barbara Dane.

Please put these dates on your calendar and refrigerator.  Hopefully you will be able to attend all GIFT sessions. If, however, you run into a conflict at your regular session, please feel free to attend any of the other sessions.  Just send an email to barbara@applevalleycatholic.org with the session you would like to attend and how many people will be there from your household. 

GIFT 2016-17:  Schedule

Theme for the Year:  “Jesus Christ loves you; he gave his life to save you; and now he is living at your side every day to enlighten, strengthen, and free you.” 

Pope Francis, Joy of the Gospel

Saturday 6:15 PM       St. Isidore Church Hall

Sunday 11:45 AM    St. Elizabeth Church Hall Basement

Sunday 6:15 PM          St. Elizabeth Church Hall Basement

September GIFT:  Sept. 10 - 11

Special GIFT Opening Event for the Apple Valley Collaborative

Intergenerational Service Project

Playground Rebuild in Littleton, MA

Thursday, Sept. 22  12:30 – 5PM

Castle in the Trees, Route 110 Littleton

Open to all GIFT participants ages 10 and older.  Kids under 16 must be supervised by an adult.  Please sign up by September 1 at barbara@applevalleycatholic.org

October GIFT:  Oct. 1-2

Luke:  17: 5-10

The Mustard Seed

October GIFT:  Oct. 29 - 30

Luke:  19:  1-10


December GIFT:  Dec. 10 - 11

Matthew:  11: 2- 11

3rd Sunday of Advent

January GIFT:  Jan. 7 – 8

Matthew 2: 1 – 12


Special Guest Artist:  Valimar Jansen:  musician and storyteller extraordinaire


February GIFT:  Feb. 11 - 12

Sirach 15: 15 – 20

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

March GIFT:  March 18 – 19

Jn.4: 5- 42

3th Sunday of Lent

April GIFT:  April 29 - 30

The Gospel of Luke:  24:  13 – 35

The Road to Emmaus