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  • Register or Update Your Registration  

    We’re really excited about our online tool that lets you become a registered parishioner, update your own or your family’s records or download your year end statement.  It’s called My Own Church.

    Advantages for Members

    ●       Manage your own church records and keep personal information accurate and up to date. For example, members who move or change phone numbers can quickly and easily log in and update this information for themselves. No need to call the church, fill out and submit paper forms, and then wait for someone at the church to update their records.

    ●       Add a record for a new family member.
    ●       View your personal giving history if you
              have given by EFT or envelopes.

    To get started you will need to

    Create an Account:

    • On a DESKTOP computer, click on link below.(PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT CREATE AN My Own Church ACCOUNT ON A MOBILE DEVICE) - see link below to go there directly after reading these instructions.
    • Skip the Password box and click on the "New User" link on the bottom left.
    • Organization = St. Elizabeth of Hungary Acton or St. Isidore Stow. (Select it from the drop down.) 
    • Follow the prompts to complete creating your My Own Church Account.
    • USE your head of household’s name to create your account. 
    • Submit.
    • Once you have submitted, your submission will go to your church administrator to authorize your user name before you will be able to login to your account. This may take up to 24 hours.

    Creat an Account - click here
    You can also follow these step by step written directions

  • Year End Contribution Statement - St. Elizabeth

    To download your own contribution statement, you must first register as a new user or if you have already done so, login to your “My Own Church” account.
    To sign up as a New User, see instructions above in Create an Account.
    If you have already signed  up as a user:
    Log into:
    Log in with your user name and follow these instructions:
    1. Select the My Offering tab.
    2. Click Giving History. The Giving History page is displayed.
    3. To the left of Electronic Statement, click the button: Download. From the displayed list, select the 2019 Statement link.
    The Save As dialog box opens.
    4. Save the file to the desired location on your computer.
    5. Double-click the file to open the statement.
    6. If desired, click PRINT to print it.

    Thank you for your donations!

  • Sharing Your Treasures

    Your commitment to be a good steward of the treasure God has bestowed on you – and your generous support of your parish – makes it possible for our parishes to do so many good things.

    Our Parishes rely on the generosity of their parishioners for the financial support they need to carry on their life and mission with the dedication and excellence that they deserve. Parishioners extend that support by means of cash or donation envelopes placed in the collection at Mass, checks that your bank sends directly to the parish on a schedule and in an amount that you determine, electronic funds transfers, and extraordinary or major gifts given whenever you wish.

    Each year in the fall, we remind parishioners of the range, depth, and importance of the parish's life and ministries.  We ask all who can to consider their financial commitment to the parishes in a planned, prayerful, and proportionate way, and to decide and budget their contribution on a yearly basis. Making an annual decision about one's level of support recognizes the importance of that decision for the giver and the parish, and makes it easier for the parish to do its own budgeting and pastoral planning.

    Among the many ways of supporting our collaborative, the best of all is contributing via electronic funds transfer (EFT). EFT is convenient, requires only one decision, can easily be canceled or changed, and gives a solid sense of satisfaction that you are doing your part. Moreover, EFT provides a reliable income stream to the parish and simplifies the work of budgeting, processing collections, and accounting for income.

    We invite you to join them!  For more information or to sign up, please contact:

    Annmarie - St. Elizabeth EFT Sign-Up Form

    Robin - St. Isidore EFT Sign-Up Form